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Juddering in a pressure washer is often due to problems with water flow or pressure fluctuations. Here's what you might check:

  • Water Supply: Make sure the supply is steady and the hose isn't kinked or blocked.
  • Nozzle and Inlets: Clean any debris from the water inlet and nozzle as these can disrupt flow.
  • Air Pockets: Air trapped in the system can cause juddering. Try to purge the system by running water through without the machine on.
  • Pump and Seals: A malfunctioning pump or worn seals might be at fault.

However, diagnosing and safely repairing these issues often requires professional expertise.

Contact P C Jones for Expert Repair Services

Attempting to resolve juddering on your own can be tricky and may lead to further issues if not handled correctly. We at P C Jones Industrial Cleaning Equipment are equipped to address and repair your pressure washer problems effectively. Our team of trained professionals can swiftly diagnose the cause of the juddering and provide a reliable solution.

Don't let equipment issues slow you down. Contact us at service@pcjones.co.uk or call us directly on 0117 986 0707, and we'll ensure your pressure washer is functioning smoothly, without the judder.

While pressure washers are versatile, not all surfaces are suitable for high-pressure cleaning. Delicate surfaces like wood, painted surfaces, and certain types of siding may require lower pressure or specialized attachments. It's important to read the manufacturer's guidelines and adjust the pressure accordingly for different surfaces.

Yes, pressure washers come in various types to suit different applications and cleaning needs. The common types include:

Electric Pressure Washers: These are suitable for many different sectors including domestic, commercial, and industrial. Applications include Truck Wash, Food Industry, Manufacturing, Contract Cleaning, and Farming.

Petrol Pressure Washers: They often provide higher pressure and are more suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Gasoline-powered pressure washers offer greater mobility and are commonly used in commercial and professional settings. Particularly useful for contract cleaners who don't always have access to mains electricity at the job site.

Hot Water Pressure Washers: These models have an added heating element that provides hot water, which is effective for removing tough grease, oil, and grime. They are very effective for washing vehicles.

Some pressure washers can be used with specialized cleaning agents or detergents to enhance the cleaning process. These detergents are designed to work with the high-pressure water flow and help remove specific types of dirt and stains. However, it's essential to use cleaning agents specifically recommended by the pressure washer manufacturer to avoid damage or clogging.

When used correctly, pressure washers are generally safe. However, it's important to follow safety guidelines and precautions to prevent injuries or damage. This includes wearing protective gear such as goggles and gloves, using proper nozzle attachments, maintaining a safe distance from surfaces, and avoiding direct contact with people or pets. 

We also advise that your cleaning equipment is properly maintained by a service professional at P C Jones Industrial Cleaning Equipment. Maintenance can be often overlooked due to cost or downtime but there are several safety and performance benefits of painting your cleaning equipment.

Using excessive pressure or using the wrong nozzle attachment can potentially cause damage to certain surfaces. It's crucial to adjust the pressure according to the surface being cleaned and use the appropriate nozzle. If in doubt, it's recommended to start with lower pressure and gradually increase if necessary while monitoring the surface for any signs of damage.

Yes, pressure washers can be effective in removing graffiti or peeling paint. However, it's important to exercise caution and use the appropriate pressure, nozzle, and technique to avoid causing further damage to the surface. 

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This type of machine is stocked and sold by a company we work with based in Westbury, Wiltshire. Simpsons Industrial Cleaning equipment.


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