Karcher HD 7/18-4 MX Plus

The Karcher HD 7/18-4 MX Plus is a more advanced machine compared the some of the smaller HD range of cold pressure washers. It has it’s own mounted hose reel which allows users to wash larger areas and is ideal for areas that needs to stay clean.

Karcher HD 7/18-4 MX Plus



Common faults with the HD 7/18-4 MX Plus:
  • “Hose reel won’t turn” Fault diagnosis required, likely to be a broken mechanism.
  • “Water leak from hose reel” Possible broken o-rings, replacement o-rings in stock.
  • “Won’t turn on” Motor capacitor may have failed, replacements in stock.
If you’re in Salisbury and need a service or repair on your HD 7/18-4 MX Plus call, email or drop-in to our Bristol service and repair centre.

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