Karcher HDS 745 M Eco

The Karcher HDS 745 M Eco is the legacy version of the karcher hot pressure washer that is used today which is the 7/10-4m. However it is a very reliable and robust machine to have.

Karcher HDS 745 M Eco



Common faults with the HDS 745 M Eco:
  • “No chemical” Worn o-rings on the chemical tap or broken chemical valve, replacements in stock.
  • “Not heating” Various causes, fault diagnosis required.
  • “Leaves white trails on the ground” Water softener bottle is broken and leaking on the floor, replacements available.
If you’re in Pewsey and need a service or repair on your Karcher HDS 745 M Eco call, email or drop-in to our Bristol service and repair centre.

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