Kranzle 599 TST Quadro

The Kranzle 599 TST Quadro is robust unit for farm yards and tough environments where it could be damaged. It has the capability to easily be wheeled around the the long hose reel to supply hose around the premises.

Kranzle 599 TST Quadro



Common faults with the Kranzle 599 TST Quadro:
  • “Water leak from hose reel” o-rings on swivel fittings split, replacements in stock.
  • “Juddering on pressure” o-ring kits in brass head need changing, service required.
  • “Blowing fuses” Failing motor capacitor, replacements available.
If you’re in Bristol and need a service or repair on your Kranzle 599 TST Quadro call, email or drop-in to our Bristol service and repair centre.

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