Servicing Maintenanace

At PC Jones we recommend that you have your machine serviced 12 monthly if it is used infrequently, 6 monthly if it is used regularly and 4 monthly if it is in constant use. Regular servicing allows us to cover Fault Finding, Protection & Safety.

Our Company revolves around being: reliable, professional and consistent. We will service your machine correctly, on time and you will be happy with the result. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, no problem is insignificant to P C Jones Service Centres.

Fault Finding

Regular servicing can help your machine work properly, you may pass off small faults on your machine as simple defects but they can be rectified with servicing.


Having your machine serviced at P C Jones protects your machine from damage because there may be issues you’re not aware of inside your machine which can build up to cause a large issue.


Our Servicing maintenance helps to keep the operators of the machine safe. We complete safety inspections of the mechanical and electrical systems to ensure that it’s operating safely.

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