Servicing Maintenance

Servicing Maintenance

What is a service at PC Jones?

At PC Jones we recommend that you have your machine serviced yearly if it is used infrequently, 6 monthly if it is used regularly and 4 monthly if it is in constant use. Regular servicing allows us to carry out several things:

  • Fault Finding – Regular servicing can help your machine work properly, you may pass off small faults on your machine as simple defects but they can be rectified with servicing.
  • Protection – Having your machine serviced at PC Jones protects your machine from damage. For example: a piston on your hot pressure washer may be beginning to break up, it may go un-noticed for months but can eventually destroy the entire motor pump unit. This can be prevented by regular servicing by our factory trained servicing team.
  • Safety – Just like a motor vehicle service, we change wearable parts on every service to prevent problems from occurring. As part of our “Service Parts Pack” we change parts which are essential to operation and check others which may be liable to wear and tear. During our servicing at PC Jones we first complete electrical test which consist of checking fuses, plugs and cables, then running a PAT 500 test and capacitor test. After all electrical test have passed we setup the burner system and ensure that all settings are calibrated properly and there are no damages or leaks. Once the burner system has passed, the pump and chemical system is checked for pressure faults and chemical delivery. We then finish off by replacing wearable parts on running kit with the machine.

Our Company revolves around being: reliable, professional and consistent. We will service your machine correctly, on time and you will be happy with the result. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, no problem is insignificant to PC Jones.

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