The cleaning of production areas and machines is the domain of our industrial vacuum IVC 60/30 Tact² Longopac®. The wear-free side channel blower, as well as the innovative automatic filter cleaning Tact², also allow continuous operation of the compact machine, e.g., in use as a stationary suction device at production and packaging machines.Dry materials such as mineral dust are eliminated with reduced dust thanks to the Longopac® disposal system.

Safe Longopac® disposal system
  • Enables dust-free disposal and thus health-friendly work.
  • For collecting and separately disposing of a wide variety of vacuumed material.
  • Optionally available in a very sustainable, biodegradable version.
Wear-resistant side channel compressor
  • A side channel blower delivers high suction power with a very long lifetime of at least 20,000 hours. These machines are therefore ideal for multiple shift operation.
Automatic filter cleaning system Tact²
  • Automatic cleaning of the filters by means of targeted and powerful air blasts.
  • Despite filter cleaning, the suction power remains constantly high.
  • Long life of the filter reduces maintenance costs.
Equipped with compact flat pleated filter
  • Clear compact design of the filter.
  • Suitable for picking up free-flowing, dry dusts up to dust class M.